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Dear EQ Profiler

What are the best predictors of a successful job search? Which employees will have the most difficulty during stressful and difficult situations? What traits are important in predicting success in a sales environment? What obstacles do clients face when considering new employment opportunities?

うまくいっている求職者はどんな人ですか? どんな従業員がストレスが多くて厳しい状況の中で、たくさんの苦労をするでしょうか? 営業で成功するためには、どんなことが重要ですか?新しい雇用機会を考えるとき、お客様はどんな障害に直面していますか?

These are critical questions to ask, and to answer, for any employee who is currently working, facing the possibility of losing a job, or who is out of work and seeking a new job. Typically, these questions are very difficult to answer. People do not even know to ask the questions and if they do ask them, have great difficulty coming up with good answers.


However, one of the advantages of EQ assessment is that you have excellent answers to these, and to many other, questions. For example, the EQI measures a trait called 'optimism'. Our work with thousands of unemployed professionals suggests that optimism is one of the most critical factors in a successful job search.


These very difficult and changing times can be extremely stressful to people, but how we react to this stress depends on how well we cope with stress. Certainly, two people of the same age and background, working for the same company, do not always respond to stress and change in the same way. One of the factors which predicts how these two people cope with these changes is their Stress Resistance (ERIKA: please change this trait name to the one that is used in the EQI). The same stress is managed differently by people who are high or low on Stress Resistance.


Sales jobs - and a job search itself involves selling - requires a great deal of persistence, optimism and achievement motivation. People who easily give up will not generate the same sales of people who are motivated to succeed. Optimists also tend to engage in behaviors that are necessary to be successful.

営業職では、自主独立性や、楽観性、および達成動機を必要とします。 容易にあきらめる人々は、成功するために努力をしている人と同じ成果はあがらないでしょう。また、成功する人とそうでない人は楽観性の高さも強く関係している傾向があります。

Change itself is difficult for many people. But some people are better able to consider new possibilities, to see themselves in a different career, or to try new behaviors that will help them to find a new job. Openness is a psychological trait, and one that the EQI measures (ERIKA, again, can you give us the list of EQI scales and we can include the best ones? Or, you can change the name if you prefer.) People who are open and flexible find it much easier to consider new ideas, new careers, and new behaviors.


You have the ability and the tools to help your clients manage through very difficult times. These are some ideas that you may wish to consider as you seek ways to enhance to grow your business and to provide valuable services to your clients.


Professor Mayer
Professor Salovey
Dr. Caruso